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Welcome to Wolff Wood Designs

Located in Watertown, WI, Wolff Wood Designs is a multi-faceted company that provides different services to their customers.  From barn boards to skidsteer work, we are available to help your image become a reality.  We provide genuine barn boards, beams, and antique steel.  We do not replicate new products to look weathered.  We offer the real deal.  How do we know it's real?  We disassemble the barns ourselves.  From the barn directly to you!  Our prices are wholesale based, providing you with an option other than a specialty shop price.  


Our customer's tend to come back again and again.  We like to think we are creating long term relationships with the individuals we work with.  From wood distributors purchasing bulk orders of beams and boards, to the DIY'er looking for a small piece of wood to make their idea come to life.  We are happy you're here!


Matt and Jodie Wolff


Meet the Owners

There are few things that make me happier than decorating and crafting.  I love to take on a new project and watch a vision become a reality!  My only problem is that I'm terrible with power tools.  I can make a clean cut and cover the basics - I even have my own tool box with my own drill!  It was given to me with a condition that I would leave all of Matt's tools alone and never look at them again.  You should have seen his face when he walked into the kitchen only to find his old Craftsman toolbox sitting in a tub of soapy water.  The dialouge went something like this:

     Matt:  "What are you doing?"

     Jodie:  "What are you talking about?"

     Matt:  "Why is the toolbox in the sink?"

     Jodie:  "I'm cleaning it."

     Matt:  "Why?  It's a tool box."

     Jodie:  "If it's clean, the stickers and vinyl tools that I plan to decorate it with will stick better."

    <Matt exits stage left shaking his head as Jodie continues to make that sucker sparkle.>


When it comes to putting bigger projects to life, I am more of a HHDI than a DIY'er.  If you aren't familiar with HHDI, it's a very popular type of DIY... Have Husband Do It.  I have countless pinterest boards that all have loads of ideas that I want to have made yesterday.  I'm not a patient person.  I like outcomes.  When I wanted a set of shutters to put on the mantle, I needed them last Christmas.  There is no time to waste.  This was going to be a HHDI project.  We went out to find the right wood.  We checked the big box stores... nope.  Then the smaller lumber suppliers... not there either.  He went to a local farm owned by friends of ours and looked around.  It was there that he found beautifully aged barn boards.  Yes!  These were perfect!  I gave my stamp of approval and sent him out to finish the job.  

Those shutters introduced him to wood working, a talent he didn't know he had.  This was a gift, as he had been diagnosed with PTSD, and he was fighting demons.  The shutters lead to other small projects, all of which he loved to do, and it calmed him.  The small projects lead to bigger projects (when I discovered this talent - I had to have him create his own Pinterest board because my list kept growing) and eventually to our bed.  That's when things began to change, and Wolff Wood Designs was born.

We've come a long way in a short amount of time. This business has created a solstice of peace, learning, more learning, and slivers.  Millions and millions of slivers.  It also led to equiptment.  Lots of equiptment.  So many trailers (who knew they all had a different purpose?)  A move from the city to the country, and a rebirth of an old skill... concrete.  

I appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule to learn a little more about us.  We would love to extend our services to you, and hope to see you soon!

HHDI's Forever!


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