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Do you have a barn that needs to come down?

Wolff Wood Designs has a crew of professionals that will come to your site and dismantle your barn free of charge, in exchange for the wood.  We work with owners in Southeastern Wisconsin.  Typically, we can have a barn down and the area cleaned within a few weeks.  We are a small operation, however, we ensure you will be pleased with our professionalism.  For more information on barn dismantles, please contact Matt Wolff at 920-988-9172 or

Barn Removal Process


When taking down barns, we start by stripping the barn board.  Next, we remove as much as the wood that we can, while still keeping the structure safe.  Once we are ready, we use a winch to level the barn and begin to remove roof sections.  During this process we salvage as much wood as possible.  When we are finished taking down the barn, you are left with a clean foundation.  We take pride in being sure the area is left with minimal debris.  

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